Science behind the Law of Attraction – Part 1 – ESL activity: listening skills


Science Explains How Law Of Attraction Works – Human Brain And Quantum Physics HD

Part 1: 00:00 – 21:10

(part 2 is at:

part 3 at:

part 4 at: )

ESL Activity: training your listening skills, vocabulary, comprehension, language and grammar. Designed for Upper Intermediate or Advanced level of English.

– Listen to this video, dividing it into chunks of about 15 to 20 minutes.  Then, listen to that part again, maybe two or three more times.  Try doing the activity for that chunk.  Once you think you have finished or done your best, use the key to correct your-self.

* ESL activity flexibility:  You can make this activity more difficult or challenging by just listening without reading the subtitles, or make it easier by reading them.

– Activity 1 – Answer these questions:

1- What is the consequence of backward rationalization?

2- What does the brain try to…

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